Empowering young people to live thriving, resilient lives

Our Team

Back in 2016, the growing number of challenges that were threatening the ability for young people to live full and meaningful lives, moved and inspired me to share the experiences and lessons I have been grateful to have. I’m a big believer that if you want change, start at the source! The statistics surrounding young people are both alarming and confronting, and unfortunately many are trending in the wrong direction. LifeChanger was born out of a desire to change the statistical trends by increasing the focus on early intervention and holistic self-development. Our programs provide each individual with the skills, education and opportunity to make the most of themselves and to discover their full, unlimited potential.
Scott Watters, CEO and Founder
Executive Team:
Kathryn Dennis – Programs Team Leader
Laura Harris – Executive Assistant
Kat Heath – Marketing Team Leader
VIC Team – Trent Dennis-Lane, Georgia Murray, Sam Corfield, Mitch Pert, Jacob Lohmann
NSW Team – Kieren Bridger, Sophia Hatzis
SA Team – Amanda Schultz, Phoebe Bazzacco
QLD Team – Karla Gilbert
NZ Team – Tahirih Seuseu, Mike den Heijer, Casey Karatau, Reuben Firzgerald

Our Partners