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Our Programs

LifeChanger workshops are pre-emptive and holistic sessions that support schools, sporting groups, corporate organisations and communities by building empowered, resilient, thriving young people and strong mentor connections.

LifeChanger’s programs build self esteem, self awareness, positive self identity and resilience through LifeChanger’s Five Pillar Pathway of:

  • Health – Mental and physical, movement, recovery, nutrition, mind
  • Skills – Life skills, goal setting, problem solving, resilience, gratitude
  • Self – Self discovery, self awareness, self acceptance
  • Purpose – Passions, strengths, challenges, pathways forward
  • Tribe – Family, community, mentors, role models, connection

To date we have reached:

  • XXX young people
  • XXX mentors
  • XXX schools (list of some schools we are working with)
  • XXX sporting groups
  • XXX workplaces / corporate groups
  • XXX community members


Creating a village starts with our Mentor Program The Mentor Development Program focuses on elevating leadership and mentoring skills that help build rapport and support for young people on their pathway and to assist them with managing life’s challenges. Mentoring provides a secure base for teenagers by establishing a reliable and reciprocal network of support that provides a pathway for them to achieve their best possible outcomes in life. Mentor workshops target senior students, teachers, coaches, parents and local community mentors. The workshop consists of an interactive session or sessions with LifeChanger facilitators. These highly engaging sessions include storytelling and experiences from both the facilitators and the participants; with the aim of empowering all involved to be the best role model possible for the young people that take part in the Youth Program.

  • Duration: 1 workshop (3 hour session)
  • Type: Face to face or virtual

Key Learnings and Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance and benefits of mentoring
  • Understand the psychology of teens during their transitional years
  • Understand the role of the mentor within the Youth Program
  • Understand mental health and the importance of early intervention
  • Develop rapport building techniques such as active listening and open vs closed questions
  • Induction to LifeChanger's content, purpose and values
  • Understand LifeChanger’s 5 Pillar Philosophy and Youth Program Content
“It’s important to remember what it is like to be a teenager and also to be present. Sharing some experiences and connecting with the kids was really powerful.”

- LifeChanger Mentor

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